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That way, dinner would be beeg porn videos ready in twenty minutes, I'd had a long day, so that sounded like a beeg hairy good thing to beeg mature me. "Whatcha making?" A quiet voice asked from the door as, puppy-like, the smell beeg mature enticed him into beegcom the kitchen. "Thought you weren't hungry." I decided to tease him a little more. "It smells good." "Is that an apology for the nickel thing, Billy?" I asked with a grin as I added a little olive oil to a pan of water. "Will you feed me if it is?" "Yeah." "Then it's an apology." He sounded humble enough, so I decided to stop teasing him. "Good, see, that wasn't so hard, was it?" "Yeah, beegporn you gotta be worth a quarter." He put his hands on my www beeg waist and kissed my left earlobe. "But to me, beeg.con you're priceless." "Okay, handsome, you get to eat. We're having last week's left over Bolognese beeg hd sauce with penne pasta. That okay for you?" "Everything you make is always delicious, sexy one." He murmured huskily in my ear, his hands had never left my waist, and xxx beeg I was tingling all over from the lightness of his touch. "You always say the right thing, don't you? You charmer." I turned in his arms, letting the pasta boil unsupervised, and kissed him full on the lips preventing him from speaking. But he managed to answer anyway, just not with words. Eventually, though, the angry hiss of water splashing over and boiling instantly made me turn back to the cooking. "Make yourself useful, beeg tubes get some plates, will you?" "Yes, sir!" He released me, gave me a mock salute and a dopey grin and spun on one foot to do as instructed. I watched his back as he reached up to get the plates, and admired his grace for the billionth time with a sigh. We had beeg-com an enjoyable dinner; I sometimes think that Bolognese sauce tastes better after being reheated, cooked through beeg come for a second time. Maybe I'm just weird, maybe it was that we fooled around beeg porn and fed one another and giggled like idiots throughout the meal. "That was good." I sighed, stretching .beeg full length on the couch and wriggling my toes contentedly. Alex had washed the plates and come back to sit on the floor beside me, his back to me, one of my arms draped around his neck, him kissing my fingers and tracing the lines of my palm with gentle, feather strokes. My beeg porche other hand played gently with his hair, it www.beeg com was wonderfully soft and clean and silky smooth and felt great. We stayed like that watching TV for a while, just enjoying one beeg/ another's closeness. Eventually, Alex cleared his throat and gave my hand a little squeeze, bringing me out of a half doze. "Can I ask you a question?" He asked hesitantly, not looking round at me, just continuing to examine my hand. "Shoot." "Earlier, did you mean what you beeg xvideos said?" "Which beeg . thing in particular?" I asked lazily, wondering where we were going with this line of discussion. He needed a haircut, but I quite liked sex beeg it this length, made beeg. com it more beeg come fun to twist around my fingers. "Nothing. It's beeg lesbian dumb." "Why do you do that? Why do you keep starting to ask questions and then stopping? What are you afraid I'm going to beeg sex video do?" "Nothing, it's just, I don't know." He sighed heavily; unable to find the words he wanted. "Spit it out, Hayes." "Earlier, when I said 'screw you', you know?" He beegxxx trailed off, and hung his head; I could see the color rising beeg hindi in his beeg mp4 neck and face. Always uncomfortable with the discussion of sex, we had steered clear of the topic of actual penetration as it made him squirm even more than usual, which was saying something! "Is that all?" I beeg xxx laughed. "You can beeg massage be a silly creature at times, can't you?" I beeg coom pulled gently on his hair, until he tipped his head back and looked up at me, he was passive enough for me to able to nod his https //beeg.com head up and down for him and. I spoke from the corner https //beeg.com of my mouth, like a bad ventriloquist. "Yes, I can, Ryan." "Goof." He flapped at my hand to make me let go. "So what do you want beeg/ to know?" "You'd, um, you'd do that?" He was having trouble looking anal beeg me in the eye. "Only with someone I really loved and trusted." I replied carefully. "You've done it before?" "Yes." "Which way? I mean, you know, um giving or um..." He trailed off completely, his hesitancy was amusing me, as beeg xvideos this was a subject I was perfectly happy to discuss with him. Anal sex beeg xx wasn't something I absolutely required in a relationship, but it was something I had done and found to be enjoyable. "Top or beeg-com Bottom?" I supplied. "Yeah." He looked up at me, chewing his lower lip nervously. "Both." "And you liked it?" "It can be a very enjoyable, very intimate thing." "Does it hurt?" "It can. I never found it did, but I know people who have found it really painful. You have to take it slow and easy the first time, but if it's done right it can be amazing." "Okay. So, um, which do you prefer?" "As it happens, I prefer being a bottom." "Really?" He sounded surprised. "Really." I decided it was time to stop talking around the matter and use plain language. "I like being fucked. Does b eeg that surprise you?" "I guess. A little. I mean, um, you're a pretty, well, manly guy." "Does that make me less manly?" I asked, amused by both the tone of his voice, and the implications teen beeg of what he was saying. "No. I guess not." He shrugged. beeg anal "So is beeg porn that all you wanted to ask?" "Um. www beeg.com Yeah, I think so. Yeah, for now." "Okay." I smiled sex beeg fondly at him as he continued to gnaw on his lower lip. "Any time you want to discuss this, you beeg vids know, beeg teen just say. That would be a huge step, and you know, it has to be something you're comfortable with. I'll beeg gesetz never try to get you to do anything you don't want to beegxxx do." "I know that, Ryan. Thanks, I appreciate it." He smiled a small, hesitant smile at me which, when I smiled back, spread into his beeg.coom usual broad, radiant grin. "Let's site beeg.com beeg drop it for now, 'kay?" "Sure, any time. Hey, how about some hot chocolate?" "Sounds good. Then I'm gonna take you to bed and show you just how much I appreciate this." With a grunt he pushed himself to his feet, grabbed my hand and yanked me upright too. I staggered a little, tripped beeg x over my own feet and lost my balance, falling against him. Lucky for me he was so solid or we'd both have ended up on the floor. Actually, that might not have been so bad! We went through to the bedroom and I allowed him to undress me before pushing me beeg-com backwards onto the bed beeg porche and stripping himself. He joined me on the bed and did an outstanding beeg com job of showing his appreciation, insisting that I should just lie back and let him do all the work. I was hardly going to protest, but I felt slightly guilty he was getting all the pleasure and I was getting none. Every hd beeg time I reached беег for him, though, he would swat my hand away and whisper that tonight was all about me. We fell asleep in one another's beeg. com arms, a warm contented tangle of limbs. Date: Thu, 26 Apr beeg sex 2001 www beeg com 00:24:29 +0100 From: Ardveche Subject: Edcuating Alex 7 A SNEAK PREVIEW =============== The plan had been to beeg sexxn finish Educating Alex at the end of Chapter 6, but it didn't go quite as I intended it, so there is a very real beeh need for Chapters 7 and 8 now, if only to see what Alex had planned for Ryan's birthday. After that I'll eventually write a Chapter 9 dealing with the whole beeg gesetz Thanksgiving / Christmas thing and the introduction to www beeg Alex's family and then well, we'll see. I have it in bee mind to maybe send Ryan to study in Europe beeg black for a year, once in www.beeg.com a xnxx beeg lifetime opportunity sort www.beeg of thing, and see how Alex copes. But that's in the future, I'm not going beeg movies past Chapter 8 for now as I really, beeg hot really, really want to write some more of Crux and I'm just not finding time for it. Anyway, check out the site (http://www.ardveche), read the stories, have teen beeg your beeg tube say, get in touch, I love hearing from you and I answer them all!! This one took longer than it should https //beeg.com have because I stopped to free porn beeg watch 'How to Make an American Quilt Again' and ended up in tears! Thank the stars for Huggable Aussies(TM). Anyway, on with beeg hot the games, 'Ave, Caesar, беег morituri te salutant'. DISCLAIMER ========== This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to persons www beeg com living or dead is entirely coincidental. The author anal beeg asserts all legal and moral rights (copyright (c) 2001 - www.ardveche) to this work and you may not copy it or transmit it in any way beeg tube except in its entirety and with this disclaimer. This story features descriptions of sex between adult males: - if such material is prohibited in your jurisdiction, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you're under the legal age to read such material, please DO NOT READ ON, - if you don't like, or are offended by such material, please DO NOT READ ON. Now, if everyone who is still here is meant to be here or at least aware they shouldn't be, let's get on with it. All comments are welcome beeg jepang and gratefully received (email them to ardvecheardveche). EDUCATING ALEX VII ================== Thursday beeg gesetz morning, Alex was a bag of nerves, hopping agitatedly from one foot to the other as I helped him to get ready for his meeting with his scholarship trustees. He had been up before his alarm went off and spent a more than usually long time in the shower, barely xxxbeeg even grinning at me as he returned to the bedroom wwwbeeg to choose what to wear, a towel wrapped loosely about his waist his beeg x beautiful body glistening with tiny diamond droplets of water. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched him poking disconsolately through his shirts, and admired his graceful form for the millionth time. He emerged from this sweeping operation with a checked affair beeeg that I had told him several times he ought to throw away. He tossed it onto a chair and resumed rummaging, presumably seeking suitable pants to beeg . go with it, some chance! beeg 18 "Alex?" "What?" He asked without turning milf beeg round. "Want some help?" "Would you?" He turned, a pleading look in his eyes. "You're much better at this sort of thing beeg sexxx than me. And I still have to shave." He put a hand on his chin and rubbed it distractedly, a rueful grin on his face. "Well for God's sake, try not beegporn to cut yourself. I don't want you going in there with bathroom tissue stuck to your face!" "Okay, Ryan." He turned to head back to the bathroom. "Thanks, buddy." "No problem, can't have my best beeg.com guy going looking like a bum." I had slid from the bed and free porn beeg now lifted the checked shirt disdainfully from the chair, beegcom lobbing it in his direction. He caught it easily and scowled at me. I knew it was one of his favorite shirts, but it could not have been more wrong for the occasion. "I like this shirt." He said a touch defensively. "I know." I frowned at him. "That's why I haven't burnt it yet. You know what? I'm going to www.beeg have to teach you how to shop, and how to coordinate." "Maybe next week." "Ha." I threw open the wardrobe doors and took a step back, so I was standing one foot forward beeg ass of the other. I crossed one arms across my chest and raised the index finger of the other hand to my lips as I contemplated his porno beeg shirts. A pose I thought of as my 'great artist considering his subject' stance, and I adopted a French accent to go with it. "Hmm, beeg . let me theenk." indian beeg "You are too weird." Alex shook his head беег and left the room. "No soul." I muttered as beeg videos he did. I heard the sound of beeg.c water running and knew he had started his shave, so I started pulling beag.com out clothes and arranging them on the bed, not because I was unfamiliar with beeg lesbian Alex's wardrobe but beeg xnxx so I could return them in a beeg teen more sensible order than they were currently. It took hardly any time at all to put together the outfit I thought would be most appropriate for him, as I had pretty much had it in mind from the start. I picked out a really nice light blue cotton button-down shirt, some khaki pants with cuffs and his navy-blue blazer. This beeg moms I complemented with the college tie and a pair of Argyle socks beeg porno in the anal beeg same colors. A tad preppy perhaps, but I thought it would be the right look for the venerable gentlemen of the Board. "Hey, what'm beeg lesbian I wearing?" He asked coming up behind me as I admired my handiwork spread out on the foot of the bed. A strong hand closed on my left shoulder and a smooth chin came to rest on the right. A chin, I could not help but notice, which had attached to it a tiny little piece of paper with a red spot in its center tending to pink as it spread. I shook my head and beegxx sighed, no matter free beeg I had hd beeg a styptic pencil somewhere that would fix him up in no time, and I never used it, I prefer an electric razor. beeg com. He smelled strongly beeg mom of cologne, but indian beeg it would fade in time for the meeting. "Ta da!" I said, indicating the clothing I had laid out on the bed. "And I thought your brown loafers'd be just right with it?" "Hey, you're in charge of the wardrobe." beeg vids He said amiably as he let me go and walked round me to examine the clothes. "And I'd say you did a pretty good job." "Best get dressed then." I said with a wicked grin, yanking the towel from his waist as I did and leaving him stark naked in front of me. "Pervert." He muttered and grinned. "Hey, am I going commando to this thing?" beeg .com He asked, noticing that I hadn't laid out any beeg porno underwear for him. "You free beeg know where your shorts are, smart ass." He plonked down onto the bed and lifted his left leg, crossing it over his right knee, to put beeg sex video on a sock. I shook my head at him and despite what I had just said crossed the room and fished a pair of his shorts from the drawer, begg tossing them to him as he finished putting on his beeg ass other sock. Again, a deft catch as he stood up, sliding them up his long legs in a graceful, fluid motion, smiling beeg..com easily at beeg mom me as he did so. It beeg moms was like a reverse striptease, I don't think I have ever watched anyone dress as closely as I xxxbeeg was watching Alex, and it had ever seemed as erotic before, either! Alex reached for the blue shirt and as he did so, I remembered something I had intended to give him. "Wait!" I said, dashing out to the living room to retrieve the gift xnxx beeg from my coat pocket, I had picked it up on the way back from my Wednesday classes. It was a teardrop of polished turquoise in a silver setting on a short brown leather cord, it hadn't been expensive, but .beeg when I saw it while I was casually browsing (all right, I admit it, casually beeg com browsing for www.beeg.com a gift) it had just called out to me. 'Alex!' It had said. 'I was designed for Alex.' So I bought beeg ass it. Alex was standing exactly as I left him when I returned a few moments later, shirt still in hand, but he had made no move to put it on. "What am I waiting for?" "Close your eyes, babe." I said, moving closer to him. "Ryan, I don't have time..." He smiled a regretful little smile at me. "Shh." I placed my finger on his lips and looked him steadily in beag.com the eye. "This won't take a second. Now close your eyes." This time he did. "Good boy." I murmured, bringing the hand with the necklace out from behind my back beeg beeg and reaching out to fasten it round his gorgeous neck. "Okay, you can open beeg jepang your eyes." "Ryan..." His hand flew up to beeg jepang his neck at once as he tried to see what I had given him, but the cord was beeg mom too short for him to see it properly. It took a few seconds of www beeg.com trying beeg movies to see down past his own beeg massage chin before it dawned on him to look in the mirror. All the time, I fiddled self-consciously with the friendship bracelet he had given me, fearful that he'd hate it. "Ryan, this is beautiful." He turned toward me, his entire face lighting up with his most radiant smile, and I grinned back at him like a love-struck schoolboy. "I love tube beeg it!" mom beeg "I www.beeg com thought, you know, you could wear it for luck." I explained, scuffing one foot back and forth on the carpet. "Luck is good." He nodded sagely and continued www.beeg..com to beam at me. "How 'bout I wear it for love as well?" "Works for me. Gimme a beeg hindi hug, you big lug." I said stepping forward to hug him before I started crying, again! After beeg hindi a second, www.beeg..com I stepped away, slapping his wwwbeeg shoulder beeg.com/ as I did and wiping my face with my other hand. "Now get dressed, you don't want to be late." "Okay." He pulled the shirt on, and beeg com. I must say that little teardrop looked fine against his smooth skin, his shirt hanging open. I only had the briefest view of beeg tubes beeq.com it though as he began to do up the buttons, leaving the top one undone. I handed him the pants, rising to get him a brown beeg sexxx belt to wear with them, he accepted them from me as I passed. "Thanks, Ryan, I really mean it." "My pleasure." "Oh, www.beeg thanks." He muttered as I handed him the belt on my way back past him. He slid the belt through the loops and buckled it tightly. "Hey, Ryan?" "Hmm?" I looked up into his eyes, tearing my gaze from studying how good he looked. "Could you do the tie beeg sex for me? I can never get the length right." "No problem, kiddo." beeg com I did as I beeg.com/ was bade, picking xxx beeg up the soft silky fabric and stepping toward him I fastened his top button and knotted the tie expertly for him, folding down the collar and buttoning it in place. He kicked his feet into his shoes as I was straightening the knot to my satisfaction, and when I was done he accepted the blazer from me with a wordless grin. I took a step back as he held out his arms and treated me to a little twirl. Standing before me was a real vision site beeg.com beeg of masculine beauty, beeg tube the clean-cut, all-American boy next door. His beeg beeg broad chest and narrow waist made any jacket look good, his long legs allowed the pants to hang perfectly beeg..com and his newly short, dirty-blond hair was just on that fine line between rumpled and neat to make him look both handsome and wholesome, and maybe just a little roguish. Add to that his easy smile, strong jaw, outgoing personality and charm, oh, and those wonderful eyes, how beeg.con could anyone refuse this man anything he ever wanted? "Okay?" "Stunning." I replied, then I noticed the little paper square again. "Get your wallet and beeg free your keys, I'll be right back." Alex had a habit of changing jackets and neglecting to transfer anything from the pockets of one to the beegxx other, and so, locking site beeg.com beeg himself out. More than beeg xx once I had come back from class to find him sitting on the steps with a sheepish grin on his beeg beeg coom face. I went to the bathroom and searched through the cabinet beeg poto for b eeg that styptic pencil, finally locating it. That little cut dealt with, Alex was ready to go and dazzle the beeg sexxx trustees, and anyone he passed along the way! "Nervous?" I asked as I brushed off his jacket and generally straightened him up. "Very." "Well you certainly tossed and turned last night." I grinned at him. "Did you beeg sex sleep at all?" "Not much." "Not like you, log beeg sexxn boy." I laughed, making a joke of his ability to sleep through anything short of nuclear war, and maybe even through that! "I have beeg videos sleepless nights." He replied defensively. "Sure you do." "Yeah, I do. I used to lie beeg poto in bed thinking about you on the other side of that wall, that kept me awake." He answered softly. "Knowing you were that close and I couldn't have you." "Sorry." I muttered, embarrassed to have been making a beeg milf joke when he was so serious, but I quickly pulled myself together and leaned over to beeg black kiss him on the lips. "Well, beeg 4k good luck. Knock 'em dead, handsome." "I will. Thanks for helping me." He kissed me back and mussed up my hair. "I'll see you later on, make sure you're packed and ready to beeg anal roll, okay?" "Okay." I nodded. Alex had finally revealed to me that my birthday surprise featured a trip, and that I should pack for about four days and take something warm, further than that he would not be drawn. I had suggested we wait www.beeg..com until we found out what was going to happen with his scholarship money; but he had insisted that if they took it beeg. from him the weekend would help to cheer him up and if they let him keep it, it would be a chance to celebrate. Besides, as he pointed out, all the plans were made already. "Cheer up." He mock punched my jaw as he opened the beeg free front door beeg .com and bee trotted off down the stairs. "Alex?" I called as he neared the bottom. "Yeah?" beag.com "For the record? You begg could have had me any time, if you'd just moved your sorry ass!" "Go get dressed!" He called back to me with a shake wwwbeeg of his head, but I saw the little smile playing on his lips as he turned away. I milf beeg watched him go beeg.coom and slide into the car and stood, in my PJs watching until the car was out of sight. Finally, I closed the door with a sigh and retreated to the kitchen to fret and worry some more over a cup of tea and a piece of toast. It was as well I had decided to skip my Thursday classes and to stay home to prepare for Alex's magical, mystery tour as I wouldn't have been able to concentrate properly anyway. I think I may have been more worried than he was, even though his entire college and sporting career were pretty much resting on the outcome of the meeting. Without begg his scholarship he might have to drop out of college beegxx and if he couldn't get a job around here, maybe even go back home. So as well as his beeq.com college www beeg com career, the future of our relationship was hanging in the balance too. I beeg milf killed time by tidying the apartment, vacuuming the carpets, beeg porn videos rearranging and dusting stuff. I keep the place neat, but I don't think it was ever as clean and tidy www beeg.com as it was by noon that day, I had even re-alphabetized all the CDs! I stood in the middle of the living room, hands on hips and surveyed my handiwork, beeg xvideos it sparkled. I was still dressed as I had been when Alex beeg.c left, so I decided to take a shower and get dressed properly before I packed for the trip. After a sorry looking beeg 18 sandwich for lunch (where the hell was beeh he?), I packed two bags of clothes for me and Alex and made sure I had toothbrushes and beeg video razors and the million other little things Alex would be sure to forget if he had been left porn beeg to handle things himself. A couple of thick sweaters went into a third bag and then, with a defeated shrug, I returned to the living room to wait. After I had watched awful talk shows on beeg black the TV for what felt like a year, beegs but was in fact little beeg porn videos more than three-quarters of an hour in a state of increasing agitation, I heard a car beeg.com pulling up beeg vids outside and leapt to my feet. I had flung open the indian beeg front door before Alex's foot was on the first step, he grinned up at me as he took the rest two at a time. "Where have you been!" I demanded as he reached the top. "Oh, shut up, Ryan!" He said, grabbing me round the waist and forcing me back into the living room where he picked me up and spun me round and round. "They're letting beegs me stay!" "They are?" I had so expected beeg xnxx beeg. com bad news I could now scarcely process what he was telling me. I was dumbfounded, and pretty dizzy. "Yes!" He hefted me off my feet again. "They're letting me stay, beeg hairy Ryan!" hd beeg "Oh, God, Alex I am mom beeg so happy!" I laughed and kissed him repeatedly on the cheeks, lips, forehead, anywhere beeg com. I could aim a kiss between him bouncing me around. "Woo hoo!" He yelled to the ceiling, finally beeg 18 setting me back on my feet. His tie was beeg indian hanging out his beeg movies shirt pocket, and I could see the pendant I had given him in the V of his shirt, he threw the blazer onto the couch and sighed heavily, he looked even better like that than he had when he left that morning. "Guess it worked." He said, fingering the little stone bauble. "Guess it did bring me luck." "Their decision had nothing to do with luck, Alex, it was about you, and your abilities." "And a little luck..." He smiled. "No." I interrupted. "A little luck that I met a man who just wouldn't let beeg porn me give up." He finished and continued just to stand and smile at me, I had to hug him again and press my lips to his neck and laugh and cry all at once. He thought I was the beeg mp4 lucky one? I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my chest, a weight that had been crushing and asphyxiating me and now I could beeg video move and breathe freely again. I couldn't begin to imagine the relief Alex must be feeling beegporn as he flopped onto the beeg free couch with a whoosh of expelled air, passing both hands beeg mature back through his hair. "So tell me all about it?" I demanded, throwing myself down beside him. "As we drive." He replied, grinning mischievously. "We beeg.c have a long journey ahead, want to get there before dark and I have beeg.com/ to beeq.com change, shower and pack still." "I packed your stuff." I beegcom answered, but couldn't resist another little jab. "As well as I could without knowing beeeg where we were going." "You'll find out, sweet cheeks." He leapt to his feet and bounded from the room before I could hurt him for using such a dumb nickname. I was going to chase him, but decided not to bother, I had a better idea. I waited until I heard the water running and sauntered through to the kitchen, gave it a few more seconds then turned the hot water on full in the sink. Moments later I was rewarded with a howl from the bathroom. Mission accomplished, beeg/ I turned the faucet off again, a smug, satisfied little grin on my face. "Asshole!" I heard a faint yell from the bathroom as the beeg water returned to its accustomed temperature. Another of the many beeg. things I love about Alex, he and I shower at the same temperature, used to drive me mad having to keep changing it every time beeg xxx John took a shower. Looking back on things, that was probably beeg hd one of the least annoying things John did, Meg was right, what had I ever seen in that Ken doll? I took the liberty of emptying the pockets of